1. remembering the bedroom sessions

  2. all i could see was the bright lights

  3. thumbs down to your online persona

  4. you probably would not like me in real life...oops!

  5. unrestricted genre

  6. no drama. no bullshit. just noise.

  7. into oblivion we march

  8. split with Theo Nugraha

  9. beef instigator

  10. happy wallidays!!

  11. such delicate flowers

  12. let's all ruin our lives!!!

  13. without darkness we would never find the light

  14. noisevember 2016

  15. from one point to another

  16. voice less

  17. my inner conscious has transcended my human form

  18. turning down the volume does not help it only makes things feel more alone

  19. i turned my eyes inward to avoid the sun

  20. brain scans revealed a general lack of knowledge

  21. pawdon the interruptions...

  22. split w/ Bullshit Market

  23. The Inexplicable Demise Of The Relationship
    see through buildings / I, Eternal

  24. russian choo choo train

  25. The Greatest Noise On Turf
    see through buildings/Sloth

  26. Actually Love ...
    Big Hug & A Transparent Heart & Sugar

  27. a trail of bones to the sea

  28. live at red rocks

  29. shot in the dark

  30. it is time for the earth to be emptied

  31. Best Band Ever (A Tribute To Nickelback)
    see through buildings/Model For Assembl

  32. i really don't know clouds at all

  33. applebee the cat & friends

  34. look ma, no hands!!

  35. let's put the X in Xmas!!

  36. in any home

  37. light the owl to reveal the mystical path

  38. coffee + pedals

  39. no look pass

  40. Noisevember

  41. when left alone ... the mind turns to darkness

  42. Grief Felt So Like Fear
    see through buildings/Melinoe

  43. when the disease spreads i'll bury you first

  44. algae blooms

  45. they drowned

  46. faroe vs taiji

  47. An Opened Release Of Life
    see through buildings / Kearne

  48. slipper thief (single)

  49. somber songs e.p.

  50. i always lock the door

  51. the demons in my mind ride bicycles made of bones

  52. ogrish sessions

  53. innovation through stagnation

  54. sound revivalism ep

  55. street signs in the desert

  56. a star is birthed (side 2) - featuring cricket (single)

  57. conserve. defend. (single)

  58. low rent. high ventilation.


see through buildings Garden Grove, California

California noise/experimental outfit

Any purchases off this site goes to animal rescues in the Southern California area.

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